Why volunteer?

  • At the Family Community Clinic, you will have the opportunity to practice medicine in its truest form – with a focus on patient well-being. Providers have time to spend with each patient as needed, without considering cost in treatment decisions.
  • Current and future providers – from med students to residents to retirees – teach and learn from each other and create a collaborative environment.
  • The opportunity to provide much needed care to those who lack alternatives. We serve a diverse population with diverse medical needs, who would not otherwise receive the quality care that they can find here.

What resources are available to me to provide the best possible care?

  • Medical coordinator on staff to answer questions, provide support, and handle follow-up
  • In-house and external lab services with quick turnaround time and staff follow-up
  • Extensive referral network of specialists, facilities, and services for further treatment
  • An intuitive Electronic Medical Record system.
  • Pharmacy with limited formulary, resident pharmacist program through Sullivan University
  • Collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team including nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical interpreters.

A staff Medical Director or Clinic Coordinator will be on duty for consultation. We schedule two adult providers and two nurses for every clinic, and a pediatric provider for Saturday clinics, and providers frequently consult with each other. Pharmacy residents from Sullivan provide pharmaceutical consultations, scribes are frequently on hand to assist with the EMR, and Spanish interpreters are on staff at every clinic. In addition, each exam room contains a comprehensive resource book.

Will I have malpractice insurance?

All volunteers, medical professionals or otherwise, are covered on our policy.

What about controlled substances?

We do not provide pain management. We do not prescribe narcotics or controlled meds.

What will I see in the clinic?

Our medical providers see a variety of acute, episodic illnesses. For a list of typical medical issues, see our Services section. At the FCC we ensure that all providers stay within their scope of practice. You will not be asked to treat a patient or illness that you are not comfortable treating.

In addition, physicians at the clinic do not do:

  • Immunizations/vaccines
  • Invasive procedures
  • Psychiatric care
  • Prenatal or gynecological care

How many patients will I see in a typical clinic?

At the Family Community Clinic, providers are able to provide patients with the amount of care that is necessary for their condition. 7-9 patients per shift would be typical for a busy day.