Adult Provider: Physicians and Nurse Practitioners provide primary and acute care to patients above the age of 18.  Responsibilities include clinical assessment, evaluation, and the development of treatment plans. For a list of typical services provided by Adult Providers, see our Services page. Adult Providers will be given the resources to assist patients in obtaining low-cost medications and treatment options. Current and unrestricted Kentucky Medical License required. Medical Interpreting Guidelines.

Pediatric Provider: Pediatricians, Family Doctors, and Family Nurse Practitioners provide primary and acute care to patients ages 1 month – 18 years. In addition to evaluating and treating acute episodic illnesses (see our Services page for more), pediatric providers perform:

  • Well Child Checkups – One Month to 18 years
  • Safety and Anticipatory Guidance
  • Growth and Development Assessment
  • Comprehensive Physical Exam
  • Immunization Status Assessment and Referral
  • Routine Lab Screening (anemia and urine)
  • Vision/hearing test
  • Childhood obesity prevention and education
  • School and Sport Physical Exams

Current and unrestricted Kentucky Medical License required.

Registered Nurse: Nurses offer patient care and assist providers. Responsibilities include taking patient vitals and histories, helping to manage clinic flow, performing basic labs, and providing patient education, advice, and discharge planning. Current and unrestricted Kentucky Nursing License is required.

Front Desk Clerk: Greeting patients, assisting them through the registration process, and directing them to providers.  Managing patient charts, retrieving and recording patient information, and creating new patient profiles are some of the responsibilities of receptionists.

Interpreters: Provide Spanish-English interpretation between patients and providers, nurses, and receptionists.  Medical Interpreting Guidelines.

Scribes: Assist providers with EMR.